I'm Molly

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I'm Molly.

I spend much of the day curled up in the sun on a chair in our lounge. When I feel overly energetic I like to saunter around the neighbourhood exerting dominance over my territory.

If I'm disgusted by the food in my bowl or if I get bored of biscuits, I like to catch mice, toss them around for a while, and then leave their remains in the middle of the lounge to remind Andrew and Susanne of how much I appreciate them but that I do not appreciate what they're feeding me.

When Andrew and Susanne aren't paying me enough attention for my liking, I scratch at the furniture, roll around on the middle of the dining table, and occasionally try to walk along the curtain rail - which I must say is rather hard to do and usually results in me getting shot by a watergun; Oh how undignified!

Last Updated: 2005/08/05