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It appears that other people are started to be interested in some of the projects I'm working on, both at home and at work. I'm splitting up the following projects by what I've done in my personal time and what is worked on at work.

Disclaimer: All software which is on this page and has been worked on at work is here by permission of my employers. All software is available where is as is, it works for me, no guarantees that it'll work for you. I don't like disclaimers, so now onto the good stuff.


Bigger projects I've work on all have their own pages. Such as MythTV, Nat's Dashboard, Spong and Gnucash.

Globecom Jukebox

I no longer use Globecom Jukebox

In the distant past I worked on adding PostgreSQL and Ogg Vorbis support to Globecom Jukebox. My huge patch is now available. It is stored here and there is a patch entry on SourceForge, but the patch is too big to upload.

Well, I've just found a couple of more minor bugs and made some minor tweaks. Apply this after applying the first patch. And now, we have version 3 of my patch. Apply all three patches in order. You probably need to use patch -p1 < <patch>



I no longer work with Lucent gear, so this'll probably never happen

I've done some work on adding support tools and config trees to Cricket which uses RRDtool a replacement for the backend of MRTG.

I've modified Mike Fisher's genRtrConfig script to support generating config files for Lucent routers (tested with AP450's and AP1000's) but I want to tidy up a couple of bits before I release that (and forward the modifications back to Mike first!).

I have a config tree for watching Agere wireless routers (tested with AP-1000 and COR-1100), but haven't written a program for generating the config files yet. A sample tree is here, there are some brief instructions in the README file.

Adding support for the Agere routers to Mike's genRtrConfig has been added to my todo list. I'd quite like to have that...


I no longer use kwiki, I've moved to MediaWiki and ikiwiki.

I've started using Kwiki as my Wiki of choice. I used to use AtisWiki but not anymore. As such, I had to convert my pages from one to the other. I used one of Marcus's (the author of AtisWiki) scripts as a base and wrote AtisWiki2kwiki to convert my pages. It may of use to people.

In January of 2004 I had the idea of generating graphs of our Kwiki to try and visualise the data. After some poking around on the Internet I found that people had written graph generators for other Wiki's, but not Kwiki. So I decided to write one. I wrote the one below. I'm happy with how it works now, so I've decided to publish it.

There are 3 files here. The first is the main script. The second two are ones that I run daily from cron and they generate two SVG files. The first is a straight graph, no specific ordering. The second one puts the files changed in the last day at the top of the graph.

I've written a KwikiPlugin to generate business cards out of LDAP. It's available from See the documentation inside that file for how to use it. Also see LDAPPlugin on the Kwiki site for additional information.


Last Updated: 2011/10/07