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I'm Andrew Ruthven, I live in Wellington, New Zealand with my children Brooke, Adam, Ben, Paige and our cats Loki & Nala.

My home email address is:

perl -e 'print join("@", "andrew", join(".", "etc", "gen", "nz")) . "\n"'
You can also reach me using aruthven hanging out at gmail.com.

(I already get enough spam... I figure most of the spambots won't go running arbitary Perl code.)

My life used to revolve around sailing (I crewed on Blurred Image for two years, when the owner returned from overseas and decided he wanted to to live on her I moved to Gucci (along with some of the other crew from Blurred) where I've crewed since), dancing (mostly Ceroc with a bit of Swing thrown in), programming, photography (some snapshots are online from a trip to the South Island of New Zealand), movies and hanging out at hip cafes. Not necessarily in that order. Now my interests are my children and programming.

My preferred operating system is Debian GNU/Linux.

For those that are interested in what I've been up to over the past few years, here's my CV.

My GPG key is available over there. My finger print is:

C603 FC4E 600F 1CEC D1C8 D97C 4B53 D931 E4D3 E863

Last Updated: 2020/07/21